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Meet your Contractor!!
   "I grew up on a Central Texas dairy farm, until age 20, learning the values of hard work, and the skills for taking care of livestock and machinery.  For the past 25 years, I have been a Dozer Contractor and have been closely related to many aspects of the construction industry.  In 2003, I came to Eight Point Ranch, to help with design and construction of - ponds, lakes, roads, fencing, barns, working pens, water gaps, grass planting, and the floating boat dock".

     "In 2011, Elgin Land Management was formed to offer our knowledge and experience to help with your projects and develop your property into a productive and enjoyable ranch".  

    "With my 25 years experience, I am confident that my knowledge and work ethics will help with any project you may have. I would like the opportunity to meet with you, look at the property, and discuss your project and construction needs".  

     "We welcome you to come out to 
Eight Point Ranch and see our completed projects and facilities".   

Steve Haisler

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Deer Pens

When building your deer and exotic pens there is much to consider.

1. Location
2. What your goal is.
3. Will you have an alleyway attached to your pens to move animals from one pen to another or to move them to your working barn or to move them to a load-out shoot.
4. How many animals per pen, so you can decide how big to make your pens.
5. How many cut gates will you put in your alleyway so you can effectively move your animals correctly so they don't get hurt.
6. Whether or not your gates will have personal gates built into them so you don't have to open a big gate every time you go in to work your animals.
7. Water location
8. Food location

We like to come out and help you to develop a plan to make your pens work for you. Contact us so that we can show you a ranch where you can view first hand a variety of pens,sizes and lay-outs.

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