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Fence Clearing

Game Ranch Management has performed Dozer projects all over Texas in all types of terrain and soil conditions. GRM has Dozered miles of fence and the one thing we have learned is that if you do it right it will save you a lot of time and headaches. Whether your pushing out an old fence or simply dozing a new lane there are several things to consider and understand. Depending on how you feel about trees falling on you fence, we generally try to suggest to ranches that you clear a lane on each side of the fence equal to the height of your trees so that you will remove this problem from your life especially when it comes to an 8 ft high game fence. Typically animals kept behind these fences are usually very expensive, so most of the time you don't want a fallen tree to let all your animals out. This is not an unfrequent occurrence. Your dozer operator needs to be able push a very flat lane for your fence builder. This in turn will make the fence building go very fast and give you a level fence. If the lane is put in correctly there should be little erosion problem associated afterward when your fence job is done.